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Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is an architectural concept designed around loosely-coupled, interacting software components. Think of SOA as a toy building constructed of Lego® blocks. Any of the building’s parts can be reconfigured to create new features – without replacing the rest of the structure – because it is built of small blocks that are easily interconnected.


Likewise, an SOA architecture uses small “blocks” called services that interact to create a flexible, adaptable, and scalable solution well-suited to the diverse business and technological requirements of the Medical Information Exchange market.

SOA Key Benefits


Today the Health Information Technology (HIT) landscape is under constant change. This poses a great challenge for practitioners and clinicians to take in the volume of innovative advances and upto-the-moment research in this diverse field.

CMIE as Healthcare Platform:

  • Because of SOA, our technology platform is data-source agnostic. This means that we can integrate with your existing technology investment and with any future IT solutions you adopt.
  • The SOA framework and associated Web-services facilitate scalable, incremental growth and are capable of quickly deploying new services by reusing existing services.
  • Our SOA-based solutions are characterized by quick delivery and the ability to grow at the pace the market has set – particularly as delivery dates have been accelerated by meaningful use targets.
  • SOA enables us to develop and deploy new, innovative applications rapidly.
  • Since our SOA platform runs in the cloud, no major investment in hardware or software is required  of participating facilities. Any user only needs to access the Internet to use our solutions.
  • Because of SOA, we can open our platform to bring partners / high-end device and modality manufacturers and other vendors on board to deliver the robust and varied solutions required by your organization.

CMIE’s scalable and adaptable SOA architecture ensures that healthcare organizations have the technology they need to deliver high-quality, patient-centric care within and across care delivery sites and communities today and into the future.


‘Comprehensive Medical Information Exchange’ enables improved patient care, contains costs and rapidly moves healthcare organizations towards a centrally archived, highly secure, cloud based environment.


CMIE offers cloud imaging services infrastructures that best fit specific workload. From providing storage as a service to a traditional infrastructure in a data centre to a combination of private and public resources, CMIE has the options to help healthcare organizations successfully make the transition to the cloud. There are multiple paths to the cloud, all with the goal of maximizing capacity utilization, improving e-Imaging flexibility and responsiveness, and minimizing cost.

By using a shared infrastructure, CMIE cloud services save time and money while delivering increased global efficiencies and service levels. As business demands change, shared resources can be reallocated, eliminating over provisioning.

CMIE Cloud Services easily accommodate rapidly growing terabytes of patient data and saves on the costs of storing hardware locally to store big data sets for EHRs, Medical images, research and claims data.


ABO is a patented lossless image compression algorithm.

Adaptive Binary Optimization (“ABO”) - A Better Option

  • ABO is a leap forward in compression science
  • A family of compression CODEC’s, accelerators & protocols
  • Cleverly restructures data on the fly, making it more compressible
  • Adapts to different data types(pictures,video,text,etc).
  • Proven technology
  • Patented in USA,Europe,Australia and Asia

A better option - The science behind ABO:

  • Increases compressibility
  • Uses transformations for coding repetitions in adjacent pixels
  • Uses data re-arrangement to increase repetitions
  • Generates Bit-Planes to achieve indexing of data re-arrangement

ABO Features:

  • Progressive Image Transmission(2X transmission)
  • Ensures Data integrity
  • Provides inbuilt Security & Encryption (AES 256 Bit encryption)
  • Reduces Hardware complexity with low power usage,low cost,faster speeds of Encoding/Decoding & Retrieval
  • Automated & scalable indexing & Archival

ABO –Salient Features

  • ABO is very low in complexity; a lossless technology based on binary operations
  • ABO uses a non traditional way of transforming data, unlike JPEG or JPEG2000, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4 and MP3
  • Such traditional systems depend on the elimination of data to achieve compression, ABO does not.
  • ABO uses the high correlation found in digital content signals and efficiently codes these correlations
  • ABO = Digital Asset Management Strategy around compaction, transmission, security and indexing without using complex mathematical co-processors.


Universal Uploader (UU)

Our Universal Uploader (UU) is a powerful agent for uploading any patient data. The ability to send all information in one single upload helps to assess the case with all the relevant information and thus report precisely. The system provides a single point for the doctors to communicate and collaborate with each other over the Internet creating an electronic community for the exchange of health information. UU can be installed in less than a minute with zero configuration. Once installed, it is ready to upload health data to the CMIE STRATUS.

UU supports almost any file type. This includes, but not limited to DICOM, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, PNM, PDF, MS Word Files, TXT, MP3, MP4, AVI, WAV, 3GP, AMR, RM, FLA, WMA, SCP, ECG, HL7& ECG, BIN etc.


Radiology (CT, CR, MR, MG, US, DR, XA, XC etc)
Cardiology (Echo, ECG, Heart Sounds)
Nuclear Medicine
Pattent Photographs
Clinical History
Discharge Summary
Scanned reports
HL7 reports from HIS and PACS

Secure access to patient data

Patient data, Medical reports are very sensitive information and CMIE makes no compromise in managing these information. CMIE incorporates state-of-the-art encryption technologies from the PKI family. This provides nonrepudiation, authenticity, secure transmission, data integrity. digital certificates are used to sign reports to confirm the authenticity of the reporting physician.

Data Optimiser (DO)


Data Optimiser (DO) is an enterprise grade DICOM Gateway software designed specifically to manage optimal and secure transmission of clinical images between any sources, and any destinations, across any networks and the internet. A DO gateway installed on your network, can receive from multiple sources, read image tags, decide where to send the images, and send compressed and encrypted to any other source, anywhere. For the user, DO automatically routes images across network boundaries as a back office service. In reality, DO can appear in different DICOM sources as they would expect, despite their proprietary nature and linguistic incompatibility. It can execute a sophisticated library of custom rules to determine what to do with incoming DICOM, where to send them and what system to emulate when doing so. DO has unique DICOM manipulation features. It is built on the latest technologies to achieve better performance with smarter system resource management, and is compliant with the latest Windows operating systems.

Key Features

  • Automated image routing with Lossless image Compression and unlimited node connectivity
  • Ensures secure communication with SSL/TLS Encryption
  • Advanced Image Routing Mechanism to route images to multiple destinations based on flexible criteria.
  • Supports Firewall friendly-HTTP forwarding
  • Integrate with third party dicom pacs, modality and workstation

Key Benefits

  • Ensure Bandwidth savings and Faster Turnaround times
  • Seamlessly integrates with existing PACS network
  • Benefit from a Simple and Scalable Platform Architecture
  • Achieve ROI from current IT infrastructure
  • Fully compliant with the regulations of DICOM and HIPPA

Ultra View

Seamless viewing of Echocardiogram & Ultrasound images
(Still/Moving frame 24 bit lossless) over LAN and WAN

Ultraview brings the Real-time access to Medical Images & Videos with workflow efficiency, extending the reach of healthcare enterprises
Provides Capture at Ultrasound / Echocardiography Lab and view from anywhere over LAN and Internet/WAN


Key Features

  • Push Studies to PACS Server
  • Receive Images from DICOM compliant systems
  • Seamless viewing of lossless Echo
  • Easy Reporting using templates in rich text format
  • Export images to BMP and videos to AVI, for distribution in CD or for academic purposes
  • Print images along with reports

Key Benefits

  • 100% mathematically lossless high levels of image compression
  • Leverage existing infrastructure to transmit complex data such as radiology and cardiology images
  • Encrypted transmission of Images (24 bit) over LAN and WAN
  • Real time playback over LAN and WAN
  • Seamless integration with existing HIS
  • Operates even under low bandwidth conditions over a LAN
  • Optimized workflow
Scalability - Add and remove data & sites freely at anytime from anywhere as your workload ebbs and flows - without giving up any functionality.
Control - CMIE follows the precise directions of your designated internal expert - and you always own your data.
Performance - Our unique data compression algorithm allows you to retrieve images at a faster rate. Easy to use & easy to learn with integrated report generation.
Predictability - The advanced architecture eliminates the expense and headache of setting up your own IT infrastructure.
Security - CMIE’s architecture is designed with privacy & security in mind, leave IT to an expert team and redirect your time, money and resources toward core competencies.
Reliability - 24/7/365 proactive monitoring and instant support to provide guaranteed uptime on standardized tested platform.