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IRapid Stream (IRS)


Irapidstream is a fully integrated radiology workflow solution powered by SOA(service oriented architecture) to transmit real time DICOM Medical images by streaming in a compressed format for bandwidth optimization, storage and archival of images. The solution enables the specialists to view and analyze with more advanced tools and applications that facilitates online reporting. The solution ensures data security and conformance.

Key Features

  • Efficient image archiving and transmission architecture
  • Clinical data archiving to store the compressed files along with the Patient Information Model
  • Advanced and user friendly viewing station
  • Advanced rapid Streaming of Medical Images at real time.
  • Multiple selection levels to optimize network for faster image streaming
  • Audit Trails to track the user access chronological record
  • Secure, Extensible, Flexible

Key Benefits

  • Rapid & intelligent transmission of highly compressed images which optimizes bandwidth usage and protects investments in infrastructure.
  • Huge savings in storage capacity, enabling the online archival of high fidelity images and near instantaneous retrieval by the radiologist/cardiologist.
  • Superior workflow leading to significant reductions in film usage and image costs.
  • Secured image streaming for data security.
  • Inter/Intra hospital connectivity with scalable architecture.
  • HL7 interface for report integration to PACS/RIS.

Storage as a Solution

CMIE Cloud Archive Services eliminate the need to acquire and maintain ever-growing on-site archive systems. Because the cloud is built to host very large capacities, by joining you benefit from economies of scale, regardless of your volume.

Now you won’t have to worry about the cost and inefficiency of technology obsolescence - plus you’ll retain full control and ownership of your data. ABO™ technology compresses DICOM Images 3 times to 25 times the original image depending on the modailty type. This saves archival costs to the centres.

Remote Transmission of Medical Image

imgData Optimiser (DO) acts as a DICOM Storage Class SCP and SCU. Supports DICOM grayscale and color images, including Secondary Capture, CT, MR, CR, MG, NM, XA and US. Acquires images and patient records directly from modalities. It automatically compresses images using ABO™ technology and forwards to Image Archive.

imgVendor Neutral Archive

CMIE Cloud Archive Service is compatible with virtually any PACS, radiology, cardiology, or clinical system that supports standard communication protocols such as DICOM, HL7, IHE XDS, PDF, JPEG and other formats. It works in heterogeneous environments, and will evolve to mitigate the need for future investment. Achieve true vendor neutrality through features

Image on Demand (IOD) for Emergency Reporting

imaImage on Demand (IOD) is a proprietary protocol defined by CMIE, Using IOD Sockets Technology, clinicians are able to transfer worklist, view high resolution images and reports between the hospital server and remote radiologist in an encrypted format over the Internet. The IOD Server provides multiple radiologists a single image source location. This service has reduced the diagnostic time from a day or more to less than thirty minutes to provide a better patient care.

imgElectronic Medical Records(EMR ) Services

Patient records, clinical administration systems, digital imaging & archiving systems, disaster recovery, e-prescribing, e-booking and e-billing.


More efficient and easily customizable workflow to suit single imaging centres or large multi specialty hospital groups. Highly cost effective, with excellent ROI, instant availability of medical records, and faster reporting turnaround times.

imgProgressive Image Streaming Service

The light weight Streaming viewer is web based and the viewer installation takes less than 5 minutes to install. Equipped with post image processing tools,cine loop, annotations, CD/DVD /Blu-Ray writing, multiple layout options ,export patient images to BMP, JPEG, DCM or TIFF file formats and standard diagnostic tools makes diagnosis and reporting simple for Radiologists.

Scalability - Add and remove data & sites freely at anytime from anywhere as your workload ebbs and flows - without giving up any functionality.
Control - CMIE follows the precise directions of your designated internal expert - and you always own your data.
Performance - Our unique data compression algorithm allows you to retrieve images at a faster rate. Easy to use & easy to learn with integrated report generation.
Predictability - The advanced architecture eliminates the expense and headache of setting up your own IT infrastructure.
Security - CMIE’s architecture is designed with privacy & security in mind, leave IT to an expert team and redirect your time, money and resources toward core competencies.
Reliability - 24/7/365 proactive monitoring and instant support to provide guaranteed uptime on standardized tested platform.