Welcome to CMIE

Most of the IT systems currently used by various hospitals or health care providers have been designed and deployed for very specific purposes. They aren’t connected with each other to provide more “Sophisticated or Coordinated care”.

In today’s world connectivity is the key. Comprehensive Medical Information Exchange does just that!

CMIE is a “Service Oriented Architecture” based platform which is very easy and sophisticated to be deployed either, within the care providers or hospitals or can be deployed in a data centre. CMIE is cloud based and therefore low in capital costs and runs elegantly as “Platform as a Service” model.

CMIE connects all care providers/hospitals, care givers with others using a very “Customizable” framework to consolidate, transmit and securely store critical patient information.

As the healthcare industry focuses on delivering cost-effective quality care, improvements in the accuracy of patient records, more efficient administration, and streamlined regulatory monitoring and compliance activities are required. CMIE facilitates fast, reliable, and secure access to critical information while handling the growing volumes of clinical data, critical medical images & patient information. However, for many organizations, the cost and complexity of healthcare IT can make it difficult to adopt, especially in light of already tight & shrinking budgets. And with the continued pressure to comply with regulatory demands, healthcare-specific compliance requirements, and guidelines under the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) ,Healthcare transformation is needed to effectively handle exponential data growth, improve operational efficiencies, and manage limited budgets.

Adopting CMIE platform, the healthcare industry will find new opportunities for data consolidation or aggregation of patient data to help physicians and clinicians make better & informed decisions. CMIE sets out to explain how it saves resources and money for Healthcare organizations.


With CMIE’s instant real-time data access at the point of care (POC), clinicians can make critical decisions based on the valuable patient and medical information available to them. Educated decisions based on patient history can be made faster, with better outcomes, and can decrease medical errors.


Fast-moving regulatory environments and customer demands are forcing payers to improve their analytical models to better compute risks and identify ways to reduce cost structures. CMIE platform tenders data management technologies that can give payers a competitive edge with the ability to process huge volumes of data to curtail rising health care costs.

CMIE as Emerging Healthcare Platform

CMIE is a Comprehensive & Integrated Healthcare Delivery Platform conforming to best clinical and administrative practices. CMIE covers the complete spectrum of patient care and the fully integrated Enterprise class solution is designed to suit the needs of all kinds of healthcare providers like hospitals, specialty clinics, daycare centres, diagnostics, etc. This helps in creating and transforming healthcare organizations go totally digital, that can run profitably with ease of use and the highest levels of security.

Highly customized, data & workflow…

CMIE's technology platform & framework allows its users to customize their workflow requirements. There are various flexible & operational efficiencies for the users such as, for instance, multiple groups can be created with various credentials & access controls and again its users can be assigned to one or more groups.

Users can also:

  • Integrate data from any device
  • Customize the worklist or even design your own workflow
  • Use from thousands of reporting templates or design your own
  • Securely access data from any device with internet connection. Bringing the data to your screen, passing through firewalls, NAT, all these jargons are our problem.
Scalability - Add and remove data & sites freely at anytime from anywhere as your workload ebbs and flows - without giving up any functionality.
Control - CMIE follows the precise directions of your designated internal expert - and you always own your data.
Performance - Our unique data compression algorithm allows you to retrieve images at a faster rate. Easy to use & easy to learn with integrated report generation.
Predictability - The advanced architecture eliminates the expense and headache of setting up your own IT infrastructure.
Security - CMIE’s architecture is designed with privacy & security in mind, leave IT to an expert team and redirect your time, money and resources toward core competencies.
Reliability - 24/7/365 proactive monitoring and instant support to provide guaranteed uptime on standardized tested platform.