Specialties : Ophthalmology | Dentistry | Genetics | Endoscopy | Radiology | Oncology | Cardiology

CMIE platform goes beyond the conventional transmission and storage functions to effectively manage the evergrowing volumes of multi-ology patient images and information,today and tomorrow. By expanding the medical centres image archiving capabilities providing overall cost savings due to consolidated storage volumes.CMIE’s secured and simplified cloud services allow patient’s data and multi-ology medical images to be stored on external servers allowing this data to be readily accessible online across more medical specialties.

CMIE ‘s secured and scalable platform helps multi specialty hospitals to have a centralised imaging data access server for better patient image handling.The doctors and the patients need not move back and forth to get the other specialties report which supports the existing diagnostic procedures.Centralized viewing and centralised archival makes it a boom for the doctors, patients & the care providers. This also helps in reducing the CAPEX on storage at each specialty location.

CMIE Ophthalmology


Eye care via CMIE platform:

CMIE Platform enables secured transmission, storage, retrieval and review of Ophthalmology data and images to specialist’s ophthalmologists for clinical interpretation or for further diagnostics.

  • To rapidly improve patient care ,providing instant access to eye care specialists with patients in remote areas via digital transfer of ocular images from one location to another
  • To Extend this patient care service and expertise to remote areas
  • Highly Cost-effective ,saves precious treatment time
  • Enables health professionals to take ocular images and attend to patients who have limited access to ocular health care.

CMIE Dentistry

Dental care via CMIE platform:

  • With CMIE platform today, distance is no more a problem for patients with acute dental problems to access the services of the best of breed dentists from simply anywhere and sometimes even overseas.
  • This further assists specialists, surgeons and orthodontic professionals with specialty work and improve patient services to underserved populations such as in rural or less developed areas.
  • Teledentistry also allows the patient to seek for quick medical help as precious time can be saved due to faster and instant transmission.


CMIE Genetics


Genetics via CMIE platform:

  • Expert analysis by medical geneticists and genetic counselors to determine if genetic testing is appropriate
  • Expert interpretation of genetic test results by medical geneticists
  • Assist local hospitals with patient education regarding cancer risk, genetic testing options and the risks and benefits of testing
  • Cancer awareness, early detection and prevention
  • Expands the scope of care community hospitals can provide
  • Sparing patients from traveling to distant locations for testing and analysis.

CMIE Endoscopy

Endoscopy via CMIE platform:

  • CMIE platform supports tele-diagnostics of endoscopic studies.
  • To have instant access to endoscopic scans performed by technicians and upload it to the specialist for better and faster diagnostics and interpretations.
  • To provide faster transmission, lower storage cost and easy on-line viewing/analysis while ensuring high levels of security.


CMIE Radiology


Radiology via CMIE platform:

  • Transmission of radiological patient images, such as  X-rays, CTs, and MRIs, from one location to another and enable the radiologist to effectively analyze the studies and report to provide patients with the highest quality care.
  • CMIE viewer provides clinicians and referring physicians to access instant diagnostic quality healthcare images anytime, anywhere using secured connectivity.
  • CMIE incorporates advanced protocols which enable the radiologists to effectively analyze over large study sets that are received from various locations and are stored in the CMIE exchange server.
  • CMIE radiology Final Reports can be provided for emergency as well as casual studies.
  • Final reports include all findings and access to prior studies and all relevant patient information for a complete diagnosis.

CMIE Oncology

Oncology via CMIE platform:

  • CMIE enables secure upload of Oncology studies that are highly critical for the specialists to look for tumors or malignant and provide fast and accurate diagnostics to improve the quality of clinical cancer care.
  • Implementation of teleoncology in the developing world requires an approach tailored to priorities, resources, and needs. CMIE platform just fits that.


CMIE Cardiology


Cardiology via CMIE platform:

  • CMIE platform helps cardiologists for more accurate medical diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart defects, coronary artery disease, heart failure, valvular heart disease.
  • CMIE provides secure and quicker delivery of complex studies, videos and still grayscale images over thin bandwidths with lower transmission costs to hospitals and clinics.
  • CMIE platform enables extensive features for Online reporting of various cardiac images from different modalities such as ECG, Cardiac CT, Cardiac MRI, Coronary Angiogram and Ultrasound etc.
Scalability - Add and remove data & sites freely at anytime from anywhere as your workload ebbs and flows - without giving up any functionality.
Control - CMIE follows the precise directions of your designated internal expert - and you always own your data.
Performance - Our unique data compression algorithm allows you to retrieve images at a faster rate. Easy to use & easy to learn with integrated report generation.
Predictability - The advanced architecture eliminates the expense and headache of setting up your own IT infrastructure.
Security - CMIE’s architecture is designed with privacy & security in mind, leave IT to an expert team and redirect your time, money and resources toward core competencies.
Reliability - 24/7/365 proactive monitoring and instant support to provide guaranteed uptime on standardized tested platform.